Machine Project  

Machine Project is a loose group of artists/performer collaborators, who do projects together when invited by other people and institutions, usually museums.  We teach all kinds of things we find interesting-electronics, sewing, pickling, computer programming, car theft and so forth.  Machine project is a storefront space in the echo park neighborhood of Los Angeles.





LACE champions and challenges the art of our time by fostering artists who innovate,
explore, and risk. We move within and beyond our four walls to provide opportunities
for diverse publics to engage deeply with contemporary art. In doing so, we further
dialogue and participation between and among artists and those audiences.





Museum of Public Fiction

PUBLIC FICTION is a small and shapeshifting museum.  In the model of cabinets curiosity-the shows combine made and found things to create slightly unusual environments to frame art, artifact and facsimile in one fictional place.






Workspace is a venue for installations, performance and projects.  It was conceived as an accessible and flexible space for creative people to execute their ideas through site specific artwork and programming.