Nancy Evans

October 5, 1980 The Ephemeral Nature of Madame de Sade

The performance consists of a provocative dialogue animated by sensual gestures. The piece was performed by two women in white satin dresses under colored lights. No props. No right or wrong.   Persuasive sensuality. – N. E.       The Fan Dance   Convention is the sado-masochistic Fan Dance. Convention teaches us to look away. […]

Nancy Forest Brown

October 5, 1980 Another Existential Dilemma

CHARACTERS: Two observers, a man and a woman-they are dressed in street clothes, the particulars of which are of no concerns. Two inter-persons, a man and a woman-they are dressed in red jumpsuits and their faces are covered with clear vinyl tape. Dermoid, myself-my skin is covered with raw meat from the waist up, over […]