Rachel Rosenthal

October 30, 1980 Bonsoir Dr. Schon!

Joan Gammell at the piano, Tyan Cyrrano and Joyce Wexler- Ballard, assistants. “Bonsoir, Dr. Schon!” is a meditation on Power. Because of recent events in my life, I have lately been flooded with praise and compliments.  Success seems to have become.. late in life.  With it, a sense of power.  Because I’ve always had problems […]

Suzanne Lacy

October 30—November 1, 1980 Great Masterpiece Series #2: The Last Throes of Artistic Vision

  It was one of those old warehouses in downtown Los Angeles- A LARGE INDUSTRIAL BUILDING INDISTINGUISHABLE FROM THE BUSINESSES IN THE AREA. We were ushered inside in small groups of five or so . . . told to head across the newly painted (white, what else?) loading dock toward a darkening stairwell. There were […]