Leslie Labowitz

October 26, 1980 Sproutime

“Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” was written on the doors of my garage, the entrance to the performance.  One at a time, the audience entered to the dank space.  Extending over the entire left side of the garage, a rack system hung from the ceiling to the floor.  It held over […]

Dorit Cypis

October 26, 1980 HIS STORY IS REAL

THE CHARACTERS   DON QUIXOTE is driven by his conscience (chorus), an inner voice which motivates him to prove himself. He is blinded to any options outside of his immediate situation. He struggles in vain and does not know why he fails. He believes the mirages he sees before him and mistakes a country/ water […]

Ronald Benom

October 26, 1980 Untitled

    sweeping up changing channels taking pictures throwing rocks taking a bow paying the band sweeping up