Kathryn Mccullough, Anna Bulbrook, Heather Platt

January 15, 2012 Transformations, Digestive and Otherwise

  A secret restaurant by Kathryn Mccullough, Anna Bulbrook and Heather Platt (Three More Big Bites) This restaurant will serve a dinner in 3 courses, coupled with 3 performances by Butchy Fuego, Heather McIntosh, Kathryn Mccullough, Andrew Bulbrook and Eric Byers (from The Calder Quartet). For dinner please RSVP to: shhh@publicfiction.org    

Barry Markowitz

January 15, 2012 How I Learned To Draw

How I Learned To Draw is an autobiographical performance that incorporates stories about shock, revelation, and miracles which draw on cinematic influences. Structured in a physical space of sounds and video projections that represent acts of interference, Barry Markowitz will offer a physical recounting of the memories and acts of documentation, including autographs and giveaways, […]