Larking Grimm, Arrington de Dionyso, Erin Durant, Ezra Buchla

January 12, 2012 A really incredible music show


Jon Rutzmoser

January 12, 2012 Pleasure of the Piss: Arm Utterances

The Pleasure of the Piss: Arm Utterances combines feminine subjectivity, mass consumption, the 20th Century avant-garde, and public urination to investigate the overlap between the participatory, abject, hyper-sexualized, and vulnerable. In conversation with Anne Mavor’s Venus in a Half Shell and Other Poses, it is play after a new language. For this performance, artist John […]

Ralston Farina

October 12, 1980 Random Drawings

Time Art Time is what my performances are about. I work with time. Time is my medium. My intentions are random. I compose a sequence of time-adjacent random processes. It’s designed to make the spectator want to watch. The spectator has expectations yet doesn’t know what to expect. Every performance I do has an element […]