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RE-Performance / RE-Creation / RE-Invention
(Off-)Sites and Artist-Run Host Spaces
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How to Participate


How do I get involved?


Spirit Resurrection is an open platform for performance presented as part of the Pacific Standard Time festival.  Anyone can participate by submitting a proposal for a new performance, or a performance recreation / restaging / reinvention from the original festival.  You may also host a performance, or organize a series of performances, using this platform.


How do I submit a proposal?


First, please spend some time looking at the original Public Spirit archive – these performances were amazing!  Then, once you’ve got an idea, click on “participate” in the sidebar, and fill out the form. If you would like to be involved, but need some time to develop a proposal, please email lzglynn [at] gmail.com with some preliminary ideas.


What happens after I hit send?


Within a week, we will add you to the artist page on the website to confirm your participation.  If you are working with an unaffiliated venue, or planning to stage the piece off-site, your performance will be added to the calendar immediately.  If you are interested in being considered for one of the artist-run spaces in Los Angeles hosting the project, we will be in touch shortly after October 31st.


Is there a deadline?


For the January 2012 period, October 31st is the priority deadline for proposing projects if you would like to be considered for space.  If you have found a site for your project, please submit your proposal by December 15th to allow time for us to add it to the website.


For the ten-day period during March of 2012, we would like to receive all proposals by February 1st.


Is there a time we can meet up to discuss the project?


Yes!  L.A.C.E. will be hosting a potluck on the evening of October 5th from 7-9pm.  Everyone is invited to come, share ideas, and discuss the project.  The event is free; please bring food to share.


Wait, what’s the difference between re-performance, recreation, and reinvention? 


This is a complicated question, something that artists, curators, and historians have been debating for decades.  For some of the most polemical arguments, see also:

RoseLee Goldberg, “Performance Anxiety: Historicizing Live Art” in ARTFORUM, April 2004

Martha Rosler: The Second Time As Farce



What happens if I want to re-create a work that an artist has not given permission for?


We are doing our best to honor the wishes of the artists who participated in the original festival, because at the end of the day, intentionality might be all we’ve got!  You’re welcome to create a new work influenced by this history, but we ask that you respect the wishes expressed.


If I am re-visiting a historic work, does my title need to be the same?


Not necessarily.  Feel free to allow your title to reflect your take on the piece.


May I ask the artist a question about re-creating their work?


We are happy to forward your questions to the original artist, if we have their contact information available; however, we cannot guarantee a response.  Please understand that each has a unique and busy schedule, and some might be more willing to enter into a conversation than others.



(Off-) Site and Artist-Run Host Venues


Can I do this in my bedroom?


Yes please!


Seriously, note that a lot of AMAZING performances happened off-site: at , on a bus,. Sometimes this beats the hell out of a white box.


How do you decide who gets to do what where?


Organizers at each space figure out how to make each night of programming work harmoniously given their respective environments, audiences, programs, and resources. We are seeking to create a dialog between re-performances and new works, and encouraging each space to curate the program in dialog with the work each typically presents. SPACE IS LIMITED, however, so please submit your proposal early.


Do I have to know someone already at Space X to request it as a venue?




What role do the partner venues play in the selection of performances for their space?


Each venue and organizer is encouraged to play an active role in reaching out to artists they know to participate in Spirit Resurrection. We are also encouraging venues to present work by new performers or those they have not worked with previously.


Can my artist-run space / non-profit / living room host performances as part of this project?


Yes – we are happy to list them on the calendar and include documentation of the performances and links to your website on this one.




While documentation cannot replace the experience of being present for a performance, some of us like to keep records to remind us what happened.


What file formats can you accept?


We can accept up to 10 JPEG images with no dimension larger than 1000 pixels across, links to Vimeo or You Tube clips to be embedded, or up to 10 images from FLICKR. We are also happy to link to additional documentation on an external website.


A handy guide to documenting performance will be available Fall 2012.




What’s the deal with copyright?


High Performance magazine editor Linda Burnham generously granted her permission for us to reproduced the original catalog for Public Spirit which forms the basis of this website. ALL ARTISTS RETAIN FULL COPYRIGHT  to their original works and the documentation thereof, which is offered as a resource for those who were not lucky enough to be there the first time.


A note about liability:


Spirit Resurrection is an artist-organized project.  The artist, Liz Glynn, and/or the supporting institutions are not responsible for any actions taken during performances, or any physical, psychological, or property damage which might result.  While some spaces have general liability coverage in place, many do not, and it is our wish that the artist consider and take full responsibility for any action as part of a performance, and to understand the risks involved.


This project was made possible through the generous support of L.A.C.E. and the J. Paul Getty Trust, and the tireless efforts of Andrea Dominguez, Robert Crouch, Jeffrey Robinson, Geneva Skeen, Carol Stakenas, and all of the participating artists past and present.

WEBSITE INTERN: Jeffrey Robinson